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Who We Are

I work with experienced & well qualified guides & instructors to offer not only canoe trips but also land based expeditions.
I believe that working together with some of the best in our industry i can offer my clients a fantastic experience.


Kenny Noble


I first got in a boat as a sea cadet at age 10, By age 16 off to sail the high seas in the Royal Navy, before going on to chase wolves with brushes in Colorado. At some point i realised that i wanted to combine the skills i had learned over the years, with my love of the outdooors, into a career as a paddlesports coach and bushcraft instructor. My passion for living and working in the outdoors has taken me around the world including leading wilderness journeys throughout the UK and on the mighty Yukon.

Grant Dolier

Paddlesport coach/guide

Grant is the owner of Cag Adventures & Co-founder of the Paddlemore movement. He started paddling over fifteen years ago on the west coast of Scotland. Since then he has explored more of Scotland than most people could imagine. His experiences in the UK and working overseas in the Ardèche, coupled with his extensive knowledge of paddlesports, make him a highly sought after coach and guide. Grant is backed by Hōu Canoes, is involved with Scottish Canoe Association as part of the Environmental and Access Team and supports Scouts Scotland with paddlesports provision across Scotland.

Paddle Dog


Luna is a new addition to our family & seems to really enjoy being on the water & interacting with groups. She will also take liberty's with your food so watch out!!


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